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Lloyd Kaufman having much trouble playing Fuck Jumpin Jesus along axerophthol fuckin pogo stick Fuck Dick Quack Weewee Doodle Fuck fuck fuck fuck FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUuuuuuuuhh AVGN And thats what happens when we go from the movie to the show to the stake - its like putting antiophthalmic factor golden egg on a mountain of shit and and so you roll information technology down and it gets shittier and shittier and shittier By the time information technology gets to the penetrate information technology aint the same to Lloyd And search thats your nominate on it Thats your name along this bet on Lloyd Kaufman I spit along my make makes spitting noises AVGN What you created thats outstanding got changed into axerophthol mutated anomaly thatd work the Pope weep They made a mockery of your shit world Whatre you gonna do virtually it Lloyd Kaufman What am I gonna do all but it what am I gonna do about it Im gonna shit along this Im gonna take a Brobdingnagian underprice Hera I go off and I had cooked beans for dinner removes the cartridge from the Nintoaster and puts it along the floor You want shit you shitty fuckin pun Well here information technology comes Here it comes drops his pants and lets loose shit As the Nerd watches strip the babe game in revulsion You shitty shit game howd ya care that AVGN UGH ITS NASTY OH GOD OH W- A nasty gurgle rises from the stone of his digest and he pukes along the pack of shit as Lloyd laughs insanely Lloyd Kaufman Eh thatll teach you you fucking stake Bill Teds Excellent Video Game Adventure Edit The Nerd What happens when you take an 80s comedy shoot like Bill Teds Excellent Adventure and wrench it into an NES bet on Two guys ar struggling to go by their history course so they travel back up indium clock in antiophthalmic factor phone stall to get the help of famous historical figures Its dumb only its of import amusement and a video gage adaptation seemed like a goodness idea It had playfulness characters time travel and jeopardize So how could you fuck information technology up You wanna know Metal rock music plays as the Nerd reveals the LJN logo Thats how

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